The National Emergency Services Museum (NESM) is looking to create an all new event for 2024 showcasing the amazing work of our emergency services both past and present. With the decline in emergency services dedicated show’s over the years, we want to give it a kick start right here in South Yorkshire and bring back the great networking opportunities as well as a giving you a chance to showcase your pride and joys.

The 999 Show will be held over the weekend of 29 and 30 June 2024 in South Yorkshire. We’re looking for vehicles, stalls, exhibitions and displays to attend, and if you’re interested, people and vehicles to take part in arena displays. Preserving our emergency services history is at risk and we need both events and people like you to keep history alive and inspire our future young enthusiasts and collectors.

We have the date and location secured so it’s down to you…. Will you attend and support us? Please help us and show your support by completing the booking form. We all know, large scale events like this take time and money to produce so your genuine interest is important to us.